Welcome to the 'uDodge:Practice Tool' official website!


About the Game

The game was developed as a University project by one  animation student ( Me :D )  and it was originally based on League of Legends.

Having been given the task of creating a demo version of a potential game, I decided to go for something I had been waiting for for a very long time:

A practice tool that would allow me and other players to improve our dodging capabilities and reduce our reaction time.

A request had been made to Riot Games 2-3 years prior to the release of uDodge, requesting the creation of a tool where players can load different enemies and practise avoiding their abilities.

Unfortunately nobody paid attention to the request/suggestion and having had acquired some basic programming knowledge, I decided to give it a try.

How To Play

    The game is pretty simple:

  • Left/Right click to move

  • Avoid projectiles         

  • Pick Green health-packs

  • Compete with friends! (Sign up to Indiexpo in order to post your Highscore to the Leaderboard)

  • Improve your mechanics!

 Only on WebVersion:

 Tap 'Space' key to mute



    Apologies for not having made any changes lately but things have been rather rough with finding time during full-time work and uni.

Current issues to be addressed:

  • Improve lag on the Web-version 

-Bug where the game freezes after the first enemy spawns and the first time you get hit.

  • Improve colours and shaders on Web-version so they appear on Safari 

  • Make game compatible with  Safari 

  • Mute function does not mute sound effects

Updates required:

  • Add sound confirmation  when 'Join Leaderboard' button is pressed

  • Improve visuals 3D->2D (Long-term goal)

  • Create a rank system which takes your score (number) and converts it to an Image of a Medal.

-The higher the score, the cooler the Medal has to look

  • Update the look of the enemies

  • Change the aiming system to allow the removal of the 2 side spawners in order to make it Phone friendly.



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